Grow What You Want

Grow a long list of herbs, micro-greens, flowers and veggies in a completely automated indoor growing appliance. Watering and light cycles are controlled by an intuitive computer interface so your harvest is perfect.

Perfect Growing Conditions

Ever forget to water your plants? The Urban Cultivator's pre-programmed control center makes sure your greens get exactly the right amount of water and light, and the onboard fans control humidity and air circulation.

Urban Cultivatorâ„¢ Product Design

Designed to take the latest and best hydroponic growing technology and package it in an attractive high quality appliance.

The first home or commercial appliance to actually produce food!

The Urban Cultivator Home takes up the same footprint as a dishwasher, and being plumbed to water and electrical in the same way, make it an easy install. Pre-programmed with optimal growing cycles, the Urban Cultivator Home will automatically control the light, the fan and the watering of your garden. You simply add 100% organic food once a week and your chosen bounty of fresh herbs and greens will be on their way to your plate. After growing the basics, you may wish to move onto more exotic fare and expand your culinary horizons.


Automated Flood Watering

Your Cultivator will water your plants automatically on a schedule that you choose. The Cultivator will water your plants by "flooding" the tray with your water and nutrient mixture. This happens by pumping water from the main reservoir into the trays. The Cultivator will drain the water automatically after a set time.

Automatic Air Circulation

Both the Home and Commercial Cultivators offer complete automated air circulation. This means that the humidity and temperature are perfect for your plants. This also ensures that your greens get enough CO2 in order to grow well and stay happy.

Custom Formulated Organic Plant Food

Your Cultivator comes with a custom formulated plant food that has been designed specifically for our feeding system. Our nutrients are 100% organic so you can be sure you are not adding any nasty chemicals to your greens. You will harvest lush fresh greens each and every time. See our selection of seeds